The inspiration for Humane Human comes from several sources.


Initially I started to play with the idea for this project when the refugee crisis started to heat up emotions in Europe and in my home country. I’ve always thought the Finnish people to be open-minded, understanding and caring. But… to my surprise, I saw a lot of fear and hate of the unknown. Then, some time later, I found myself interviewing people from different paths and countries.

I do this from my feelings of unity for mankind and I have always wanted to contribute to the progress of Earth. My wish is to dissolve the idea of our separation, to show you that we are humankind and not our nations or the labels we set upon ourselves. At the same time I hope to inspire you to strive for the best possible version of you that you can imagine.

Spiced with my love for stories. My favourite books have always been autobiographies and during my travels I love to sit down with people and hear about their life. I have learned immensely from these about the strength of humans and that there is so much more than what the surface shows you. Everyone has an interesting story.

My ultimate dream is for us to live in peace and to strive for the stars together.
This is my drop in the ocean of progress.

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”Mahatma Gandhi