The supporter

Age: 38
Born: Hyderabad, India
Lives Now: Aurangabad, India

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February 2016
India, Maharashtra

I was born in Hyderabad and I lived there my whole life, fully. I go to school in my village when I was 5 years, in Kodgir. My school name is Tudurian College.

When I was 14 or 15, I was selling slippers from a moving carriage in Hyderabad. I only had a bicycle and this carriage, and I sell from this in all small towns and the city. I sell these by only walking everywhere. All the profit from this go to feed my family. I worked like this for two years.

After, I going to job in Dubai. My age was 17… I was working as a loader, loading ship containers… Very difficult job.. Nobody helped me, no support. Very difficult job and I struggled all my life. Too much struggle in my job.

My family is very big. Very big.. 12 persons. 5 sisters, 4 brothers and me, and mother, father. I am the eldest. I am now married for 9 years and I have 2 kids, 2 sons. One is 6 years old and the other one is 3 and a half. And my whole family is living in Hyderabad. I am here, I am alone.
Family is going through.. a very difficult life. No income. So I go to Dubai, in searching for the job to help my family. My father has no job, so I have the responsibility to help my family.

After I come back from Dubai I buy a house, I buy 1 house in Hyderabad. I buy in 1999.. For my family to live in this one residence. Before this my family had no house.. So now whole family lives there, in this new house. Then after 4 of my sisters got married and after this I also get married.. One of my sisters is blind, handicap.. she did not get married.
I only come to buy house and then go back to work in Dubai.. I work there for 19 years total and then I come back and then after I come here to Aurangabad, to work in this hotel. I have now worked 3 months in Aurangabad, it is my first time here in the city.. and I will stay here for.. I don’t know..

Much trouble in my family.. My mother is a.. sugar patient.. diabetic. Every day she has to take the.. injections. Every month we have to buy the medicine, the insulin for my mother, 5000 rupees every month. That is a lot of money.. And one sister has gotten divorced.

I don’t know what to do after here.. No idea.. maybe God give good money in the Aurangabad and then I stay long time in Aurangabad.. otherwise if no profit in the work then maybe I take another job.. in another city.. another country… After thinking, ok.

You see that is.. my life is a struggle.