A happy man

Age: 25
Born: Kaddi Rampura, Karnataka, India
Lives Now: Hampi, Karnataka, India

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February 2016
India, Karnataka

My name is Hari. I am from Hampi and I have grown up here. I was born in a small village called Kaddi Rampura. It has been amazing, my childhood, with my friends.. and other kids. And.. as well the nature, being surrounded by it. I am very happy that.. I’m very lucky to be in Hampi and to be born in such a beautiful place. Which has such a big history and the.. the rocks and the landscape and.. it’s been umm.. yeah, I’m so lucky and thanks to the universe that they give me such a beautiful life in this kind of nature and..

When I was a kid I started selling postcards with other kids and I grew up with them. Being a little boy, saying what’s your name and where are you from. It was my beginning, but it was my first impression on the world. What’s your name, where you from and what you are doing? So it was, yeah, it was.. it was my lifetime journey, to learn with a lot of people. And I met with some tourists and tourists used to buy postcards from me. I used to show them around, and they teach me a lot of good things, as for humanity and our society, it has been very good, but something is missing, something is not good and… But still I love our family, I love our culture and festivals, everything amazing. But the freedom of woman is not so.. clearly not so good. It’s a bit disappointing about our culture. And..

Yeah, and in Hampi I met a beautiful couple. From New Zealand, I started traveling with them for the past 10 years all over India, Nepal and Bhutan.. Hanuman Island. So when I started traveling, I started exploring many different places. Which was really, really fascinating. I never thought about I’m going to see the ocean or the snow or.. the desert of camels. It was such a big experience in my life that I… it makes my mind open, and grow up a little bit. Yeah.. and I’m being really happy with my life. I love working with tourists and it’s amazing. I’ve met so many beautiful people, with really nice vibe. Yeah and also karma, you know. If you do good, good things will come to you, always. It’s the atmosphere you create yourself. Surrounded by it.

Yeah and after I worked so many years, selling postcards, after that I moved to Gokarna for a couple of years doing my studies and working at a restaurant, like a waiter. And.. last year I finished my studies, in business, in marketing and now I’m having my own restaurant. It’s been amazing and I.. a lot of things in my life have been coming, through my journey, in my way. I’m really happy for all those things. And thanks for this beautiful life, my parents and the people around me, who give me lots of love. I always love them so much. Thanks for everyone who joins my hand in life.



I like to hang out with tourists.. I really love traveling, and experiencing new things every day.



There are different kinds of happiness… Love from the heart.