Additional depth on my feelings for this project.

This week I have been sending some partnership requests and I was able to share my feelings quite well. I want to share a small part of the text with you, to give some more depth on my motivation and goals for this project.

“I’m building a series of stories. From people everywhere in the world. I started to play with the idea for this kind of project around the time when the refugee crisis started to heat up people’s emotions in Europe and other parts of the world. I always thought of my home country to be filled with tolerant, understanding and caring people. But to my surprise, what I saw was a lot of hate and fear of the unknown.
Inspired to make a change for the better, on my travels through India I started to interview people from different paths and countries, about their life. As short or as long as they wish to share. I’m there to listen, as I’ve always loved real, authentic stories by people.

The first wave of stories are from people all over the world that I met on my travel in India. Travelers and locals. I’m now writing these stories and am planning to interview people in parts of Finland and hopefully in the future, from all over the world.

With these stories I hope to dissolve fears of the unknown. To inspire people to talk with each other openly and asking about their life. To help us realize that we are not separate from each other. We are not our nations, religions or beliefs. We are humankind. We are children of Earth. I hope to inspire people to pursue the best idea of themselves that they can imagine.

At a later point I will share some in depth stories about my life as well. How I struggled as a child to fit in, being pushed away and then ultimately finding solace in solitude and acquiring knowledge and then finding one of my passions in sports. How I strained my body to the limits in the attempt of pursuing happiness and won the European championships. How after several decades of darkness I finally found self-love and ultimately a passion.. a calling you could say, to make a change. Since a young age I’ve been troubled by the current state of our world. It has pulled me into deep, dark periods in my past. Nearly giving up on everything. Until I found my self-worth, acceptance and potential, since then I have never felt this amount of peace and happiness.

Now.. you know what I am doing and a partial of why I am doing it. It is up to you what to do next. My dream is to do this for a living and for now, I am just happy that someone reads this pouring of my heart.

I invite YOU to assist in shining light on the world at it’s darkest hour.”

Thank you for your time.