A true Christian

Age: 61
Born: Iowa, USA
Lives Now: The world is my home

Reading time:
~40 minutes

February 2016
India, Goa

I don’t like pictures too much, because it draws people too much into the past. They need to be reflecting a little bit, but not too much… I think so. I think they need to be more concerned about the present, right now.. and maybe a little bit about the future, making little bit of plans, you know.

I have two ages I tell people. One age is when I was born in 1954. Another age is when I was born into the family of God, which is July 1976. So theres two ages I have. I’m 40 years old with God and 61 in the physical.

I lived in Iowa for 21 years. I think it’s ok to grow up in Iowa, because it’s just corn fields around, you know and.. very safe environment, just like Finland. Imagine the same, you know. Easy.. easy going, ok, not so hard to grow up, and having plenty. Then when I was 21, I went to Europe and was given the holy spirit of God in 1976… and.. my 1st European tour. I came back after.. I don’t know.. after a 3 month tour of Europe, I think. Changed my life forever, after this time. I went to all the countries.. Germany then down to Switzerland and.. Italy, across to France, across to Spain, up through France again, then to Belgium and through Belgium into Holland (Netherlands) into Amsterdam, and then backed down into the Swiss Alps.. and then from there received the spirit of God, back to Amsterdam and then back to the United States, like that.

Then I was set off on a travel with Big Jim and Crazy Bill. Two convicts, who just got out of the joint in.. in my home town in Iowa. We set off on a trip across the United States in my fathers -65 Chevrolet Impala. I was the driver, I had the car.. and they were just like.. freeloaders, because they didn’t have really too much money. They both just got out of prison. Big guy called Big Jim, would talk in a really deep, heavy voice. He really weighted the whole car down, he was so big, you know hahah. I mean not.. not so fat, but just BIG. He had a gruff voice and an old leather hat and a beard. Big Jim.. and Crazy Bill had long blonde.. well not long blonde, but about shoulder length blonde hair, straight and he had this crazy look in his eyes. He is really.. he is pumped, you know. I mean he’s a pumped up guy and he’s.. nervous, but he’s a smart guy too. He knows how to talk to people. He’s not going to insult you to begin with, but you know somethings gonna click up here sometimes, you know. So I’m running with these 2 guys and.. one time I see Bill.. I was riding in the car with Bill in Florida, he was driving and he pulled into this barn he sees some guys standing over there and.. a little bit of arguing or something. He says: “Wait. I’ll be back in a minute.” And he goes over and pretty soon he’s smashing these guys haha. Stuff like that, he’s aggressive, you know. He just stopped to get into a fight.

Another time we’re driving in Tucson, Arizona and.. I was sick in the backseat of the car. I was just “Oooohh” I was so sick. And he was driving and he pulled into a gas station. He filled up the car with gas, put the nozzle back on the machine. Got in the car and drove away. Without paying for the gas. *Mimics siren sounds* Oh shit the cops are after us, you know. He pulled the car over, cops pull up behind us. I thought “Oh shit.. what did you do Bill.” hahaha “You’re gonna get us into deep shit.” So I get out of the car.. I mean.. They stopped, they talked to bill “Hey, what are you doing here?” and stuff like that and then they said: “Hey! Who’s this in the backseat?” then I said: “Oh yeah, I’m coming. Uhhh, I’m feeling sick” This is about the time I’m giving up red meats and I had eaten some red meat so mm.. Anyway. I’m so sick and the officer jumps back away from me. “Yeah ok well, we just stopped you because you didn’t have your lights on. I think you need to drive with your lights on.” “Ooh, yes officer. Thank you very much, we’ll drive with the lights on from now on.” Hahah, so we get back in the car and we drove away, with the lights on of course hahaha.

Crazy Bills way to get money, or a way to get food. You know in USA they have McDonalds.. drive throughs, so people driving through there all the time. He would go and park the car in a regular parking lot, yeah, park it. He would go in, to the counter “Excuse me. I was here, I was just through the drive through. You shorted me 2 burgers and 2 fries and 2 cokes. Why don’t I have them.” “Oh wait, wait, wait, we’ll get them for you right away.” hahaha “Here, sorry.” “It’s ok, my wive is upset at me, because we didn’t get what we ordered.” Bom, bom, bom hahah. I mean this guys clever, you know haha.

I ended up settling in Arizona for 9 months, in Tucson, Arizona. In the desert. Living there, enjoying life… It’s hot there, it’s.. you know, desert. Finally I was able to get rid of Crazy Bill, you know, after a while he’s just too much for me. But he had.. he had a.. he told me a story one time. He said: “You know when I was just a kid. 14 years old.” They took him.. put him in a big prison. Grown ups, you know. And he stayed there until he was 21. But when he went in he was 14, blonde hair and stuff. For breaking a pinball machine or something really stupid… Well, anyway, he goes in, he sits in the joint there and he sees a big black guy sitting across from him, you know. And the black guy looks mean in his face, just mean. Some people can just look.. like they’re not having a good time, you know. And he looks at Bill and he says: “Shit on my dick or blood on my blade. What’d you want boy?” (long silence) That’s the choice… So what does Bill do? He picks up this kitchen knife and.. He jumps up! and he starts to stab this guy. Because he’s scared you know, he don’t want this shit. He doesn’t want blood on blade or shit on dick haha. So I thought that was an interesting story, because it kinda makes you wonder, what would you do under that circumstance. Because United States prisons a bad place to be.. I’ve never been there. I’ve never been to United States prison.. Been to other prisons, but not that one hahahaha.

So anyway.. where was I.. so, that’s it and then after ok, I joined the military. I went to the San Diego. I enlisted and I thought: “Now I’m gonna..” I had a girlfriend, Susan and I was in love with her very much and I wanted to provide for her. Be a good father, get my education and things like that. I went in the military and they shaved my head and put me in the nuclear power program. I was in boot camp. I was in the back.. I was the RPO one, in the back of the troops, that marched the troops to different places. To lunch and to breakfast and things like that, you know. And.. then I got to thinking, you know.. I love God.. I don’t want to be responsible for killing another human being on the Earth. I went and told my commanding officer: “You need to let me out, because I’m not gonna kill anybody. I’m not gonna be responsible for killing anybody.” So I was.. joined 1st of July and out 31st of July. Out of the military, so that was short lived. I went back and Susan didn’t like me anymore, so I just.. I sold her my car for a very reasonable price and I went back to Iowa.

Then I bought a Gold Wing 1000, Honda. This was about -78 or something I think. And I.. I took my Honda and put everything I had on the back of it and I just drove down to Florida. And then I had my Honda Gold Wing 1000 for 7 years. I lived in Florida for 10 years. Nice warm weather, like here. I’ve been playing tennis there a lot. A lot of tennis. Beaches and things like that. In Florida I did many different things. I was a restaurant manager at 3 different restaurants and… after that I owned my own pizzeria with a partner. Stanley and I opened up a pizzeria.. and.. then the Crazy Jim next door, big fat guy says: “I’m gonna burn it down.” Cause he wasn’t earning any money and he’s a really fat guy and he had a sporting goods store, you know. People don’t wanna come in and see this big fat man and think: “Oh sports, no.. this guy doesn’t give the image of sports.” So he says he’s gonna burn his place down. So Stanley and I went and got fire insurance and 2 weeks later he burned his place down.. Of course we didn’t say anything to the police. What are you going to say? This crazy man’s going to burn his place down, you know what I mean. So, anyway.. so we had to fight with lawyers for a long, long time for this and we end up losing some thousands of dollars. It’s just a bad story, a bad story. Didn’t turn out good. But.. there’s one positive aspect that came about out of this burning it down, the restaurant there. I went back to the University of South Florida in Tampa and I got my bachelor’s degree in business administration. So that was a positive aspect that.. even though the restaurant’s down at least I can go back and get my 4 year College degree, my undergraduate degree.

And then.. I graduated in -85 I think, like this.. or -86 and.. then… it turns out some years before that my father said he’s going to have a short life and.. my father got to choose 3 different ways.. he got… He got 3 different wishes fulfilled in his life about his death. One was that he would die of a heart attack, he died of a heart attack. Number 2 was.. he wanted to die on a golf course, he died on a golf course and haha number 3 was.. the day before he died, he looked at my stepmother, his wife and he said: “When I die bury me in that church right there alongside the golf course, so I can get up out of my hole and play some golf.” She said: “Ok.” Next day he died. So we buried him in that place and I made sure to bury, a putter with him and a ball. So he could get up out of his hole and play golf. In his idea of things, you know. Not my idea of things, not how it works. Anyway.. I thought my father was a blessed man to get so many of his wishes fulfilled, exactly as he wanted and he told me many years before, he said: “You know Jacob” he says: “I don’t know how I know this, but I’m going to have a short life.” “Really?” “Yea. I don’t know how I know this.” God kinda put it into his mind that he’s going to have a short life, so don’t expect to live long on the Earth and he died when he was 54. To some that’s long, maybe in 3rd world countries, but wes.. for american nuh uh. So he was buried in about.. 1987.

It’s amazing the circumstances of his death, also I tell you one other interesting.. part of life, you can say. When my father came down to visit me upon graduation in 1985. He was very proud that his son had graduated from the university and I was too, also. I’m very proud that I have my undergraduate degree.. and so.. I’m sitting with my father. I take my joint on this side of the table. He takes his whiskey over there. He didn’t like joints. I said: “Ok, it doesn’t matter.” But he accepted me, you know what I mean. “Ok, so you take a joint, big deal, you’re still my son. You know I love you still.” You know what I mean. Ok, so we’re having a really good father-son relationship, very much love. Nothing missing there. And because when I was in Florida, I’m praying everyday to God. For 2-3 hours every night, I would go out and sit on a table some place. Looking at heaven and pray to God “Oh God, here today, I did this today and I did that and I don’t understand this and where should I go about with this and what should I do about this?” You know, pour my heart out unto my father. And… God told me something very special at that time. My father was in the house sleeping, in my house. When he was visiting me. He told me: “You’re never going to see your father again.” And my father was scheduled to go back to Iowa, when he’s living in Iowa, you know. He’s scheduled to go back tomorrow or the next day, or some very proximity time, but God informed me that I would never see my father again. So I had to kiss him and tell him I loved him. (Sigh) I got my goodbyes.. That was amazing I thought that God informed me that hey you’re not gonna see this man again, so make sure you say your goodbyes now, so I was a very fortunate man in that way.

I’m praying to God for maybe.. one year, year and a half about when I can go to Israel and I don’t get an answer on so many days. So many days of praying every night before God. “God when can I go to Israel?” Because I knew I was going to go to Israel. And umm.. No answer, no answer. One day he told me September. Oh!… September… Oh ok, finally, after so long of a time of praying to God asking when and he told me September. I got ready and I was working as a personnel manager for a company, which was a janitorial service company. I would hire all the people for the company. I would do the payroll. I would do the scheduling. I had… a lot of functions. Training everything and… so anyway, I was working there and I told you I was praying every day to God for 2 hours. Then I would go into my office there and there was the office manager there in the back there, that would constantly blaspheme God’s holy name, the lord Jesus Christ. Use his name in vain all the time.. and that really hurts me a lot, to even hear it. So I went to her and I told her: “Please, I am worshiping Christ every day, for 2-3 hours and it really hurts me a lot that you should take his name like this in vain. Can you please not do this?” and then she shouted to me: “Oh you’re smoking on the balcony, you’re out on the dock out there..” and said some.. something to come back with, you know as irrelevant. So.. I was scheduled to take a vacation. So I took a 2 week vacation and I came back and someone else was sitting in my place, working. “Oh you better go see the boss.” So I went to see the boss and he said: “You’re fired. You’re not doing your job, we don’t like you here.” Because I’d insulted his office manager, you know. So they fired me, right away. But that’s okay, because God had told me that I’m going to Israel in September anyway. So this was like July or something like that, so okay 1 month.

And.. so then I’m waiting and the day I bought my ticket of course to Israel and the day was approaching.. and like the day before I was scheduled to leave something very, very, very important happened… very meaningful.. very, like wow-factor. You know what I mean by that? Something that happens once in a lifetime. I was standing in my kitchen. All of a sudden I would take a deep breath of air.. (Breathes in deep) Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of hosts. The whole Earth is filled with your glory.. and the father would say to me, and my son and your son is holy and his name is holy and his name is the Lord Jesus Christ and he is holy. Again.. (Breathes in deep) Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of hosts. The whole Earth is filled with your glory, and my son and your son is holy and his name is holy and his name is the Lord Jesus Christ and he is holy. Again.. (Breathes in deep) Somethings happening here.. haha you know what I mean. You get that impression, something big is happening. So after this time, God was with me in a way that it was like you and I speaking here, talking. You say something, I say something, you say something, I say.. We were exactly together. Helping me pack my clothes and when I went and got on the airplane and I looked around on the airplane.. and I said: “God, can these people see that you’re with me?” Cause I didn’t know hahah. I don’t think they could, but anyways he was with me all the way and he told me some special things. He told me this.. he said: “Jacob, when you arrive on the land of Israel. You are to bow down and kiss the Earth.” I said: “Yes God, I will do that.” Later on in constant.. sometimes I would hear the father and the son speaking together, but I could not understand what they were saying. They sound jumbled. I didn’t understand what they were talking about, but I could hear them. I was in the very presence of the son. He was with me in a very complete way.. that he’s not really ever been with me before or after this time, you understand. That’s how important it was… and.. he was with me all the way across the water, into Israel and he was with me when I came down into Israel.. when I got down in Israel.. you know this was in 1988, this was before the intifada. You know, the intifada started in -92 or something like that. So.. then I get off the airplane and I kneel down and I kiss the Earth. You know what the Israelis did? “Go, go, go, go, go..” They sent the other bus away. They brought out a special bus, just for me.. hahaha. I thought wow, that’s awful nice of them for bringing me a special bus. And so, they were obviously concerned about why I’m kneeling down and kissing the Earth, you know what I mean by that? That can be a suspicion factor there. I understood probably why they were doing this, but still it was kinda special case, you know hahaha.

So anyway, God was with me. The next 3 days I could not eat anything or drink anything. When God’s presence was with me. He denied.. I had a little bit of water in my canteen I could wet my lips with. Only on the bottom, but no more water. That’s special too. I thought that was very special. And… God… directed me in this way, go this way, that way. Through the streets. I said: “Where do you want me to go God, my Lord?” I said: “En Gedi?” and he said: “Yes, En Gedi.” So I went to En Gedi. I took the bus there and then the bus dropped me off there and it was totally dark outside in En Gedi. By the dead sea, right there.. and then, all of a sudden… “God?” Gone.. gone away. Not in a special way, question – answer, question – answer, question – answer. All the time. Sometimes I had to apologise to God, because my thoughts went in different ways and they should not be in those ways, see what I mean? It was.. constant interaction. I do not believe God does things without a purpose. Now what was the purpose in this.. event that happened in 1988? Most likely he will be with me again in this way in the future. Because I am.. what is by definition called, sanctified. That means set apart for holy use, for God. So.. I’m that way, I have to be that way.. I want to be that way, but it separates me from all other people, you know. Which is.. ok. Just a fact of life, I just have to accept that. So anyway.. then I was in Israel and I spent 7 months in Israel. I went to hahaha… I do crazy things hahahah and.. ok.. I went to the Mount Zion and I was standing on Mount Zion and I looked out over the distance at the little hills out there on the.. oh.. there’s one hill over there that doesn’t have anything on top of it. I’m gonna go camp there. I’m gonna go set up my tent there hahaha.

So that’s what I did. I went down, I set up my tent there. And.. I’m overlooking Mount Zion and I built a little rough altar there to God, you know, to pray, to do things like that. So I’m praying to the Lord Jesus Christ always, there’s never another God when I speak about God. I speak about him. So I am there to pray to God… A jeep, Israeli jeep, coming up. I’m on the west bank actually… Out comes some Israeli soldiers. “Yeah, what are you doing here?” “Yeah, I’m here to pray to God.” “Oh yeah? Are you with the Palestinians, huh?” They thought I was with the Palestinians, you know hahah. I said: “No. I am here to worship the Lord, Jesus Christ. That’s who I worship and that’s who I am here to worship. No other person. I’m not with anybody.” We had an ok conversation, it wasn’t too combative or you know. Then they get in their jeep and they drive away. Ok, pretty soon some guys are coming. Huh what’s this? 3 or 4 guys are coming at me and I’m thinking ah, what’s this? — “Ah I see, you’re with the Jewish, huh?” Hahaha, they think I’m with the Jewish and the Jewish think I’m with the Palestinians. I said: “No, I’m not with the Jewish.” I said: “I’m here to worship Christ. I don’t associate with the Jewish, Palestinians or something like that.” And umm.. so anyway. I was there and then they invited me for dinner. The Palestinians invited me for dinner and I went and had some food with them. Sat with families and you know, did the normal things that “Ok, I’m here to be friends with you.” Ok so anyway, I come back and I needed to take a food run and so I went into the village. I had to walk into the village and leave my tent there and my sleeping bag and everything else. And.. I came back after buying some food. “Ugh, what’s that?” A big hole on the back of my tent. Burnt. They burned a hole in my tent… “Oh man…” hahahah “What do I do now?” So I got some food, I made some coffee. I’m sitting there and I make my Turkish coffee. You know, it’s really good.. All of a sudden pow pew klang. What’s that? Palestinian kids throwing rocks at me. I had to run after them. “Aaaa!” You know, get crazy with them, you know, throw rocks back at them. Don’t throw rocks at me, I don’t like it, you know what I mean. I got to be aggressive then, because they’re aggressive to me. I don’t like that. Hahah first they burn me out, then the kids throwing stones at me and then I’m thinking: “Ok… I’m gonna stay here anyway. I’m here to pray to God.” So I stayed.. In the night, I’m sleeping. All of a sudden I hear paper rustling.. “What the fuck is that..?” Somebody is stuffing newspaper underneath my tent hahaha, they’re trying to burn me alive hahaha. I get up, I go outside. I said: “What are you doing?!” He says: “I kill yoou! I kill yooou!” and I said: “Why do you want to kill me?! You don’t know me! I have done nothing to you!” This guy picks up a radio, a boombox. He turns up loud music and he starts dancing around. And he puts it down and he takes something and he stuffs it underneath my tent and he picks up his boombox and he’s dancing around and then he walks away. He was listening to some loud crazy music. Then I looked at… at what are you putting underneath my tent. I pulled out some like very raw tobacco, in a plastic bag. Raw tobacco… What is that.. hahahaha. So he tried to burn me out, but I stayed there. And anyway after some time.. Oh yeah that wasn’t the end of the story when I was there… One night I’m sleeping and the wind starts to blow.. I’m thinking, ok I’m good. Blows a little bit harder… Oh shit, the tents starting to rattle. It’s starting to get gale force winds. So I had to get out of my tent and I had to hang on with both my hands so it wouldn’t blow away.. and the wind is blowing.. I’m hanging onto my tent and it seemed like a looong time that the wind was blowing and I was hanging onto my tent hahaha… Oh my.. Just the things I went through on that little mountain overlooking Mount Zion. It really overlooked Mount Zion, right there in front of you. It was so perfect. I mean, nothing was on top of that hill. I used to go and get water out of a well that was just a little ways up from where I was setting my tent there. I don’t know if anything is there these days, but anyway that was my experience there and it was really.. meaningful, strong… Wow..

So I was in Israel for 7 months and then I went up to Sweden. And umm.. I had met my wife in the first 3 months that I was there, in December. My future wife, you could say. Norwegian woman. We went up to Norway and I said that I don’t want to live in Norway. I want to live in Sweden, at least it’s a little bit better. So we move to Göteborg. We’re in Göteborg, having a nice time. And.. she got a job. I got a job at Vegetariska Högskola. På svenska, vet du Svenska? Du hav lärt Svenska på skolan. Ah, du förstår på mig, haha. Ok, so anyway, I’ll continue in speaking English. So, I was there in Sweden and I was working for a vegetarian.. College you could say, Högskola. Making all the vegetarian meals for the people there and.. I was learning off a Hungarian cook that was very, very good and very educated and very clever with food.. and we were making food for like 300 people every day. We had to work a lot and very hard to get it done, you know.. and I was gonna overtake his position. So I applied to the state to get a.. working visa, because I needed that to work at the.. as a vegetarian cook. The state sent me back a notice. They said: “We give you 1 month, to be on the border. Otherwise we’re taking you and throwing you back to America.” And in the meantime I had already been married to my wife. You know, I’ve gotten married in a church in Sweden, in Göteborg. But then they didn’t accept this and they wanted to just get rid of me.. and they told me 1 month and go back to America and wait a couple of years while we decide wether you’re fit to be married to one of our citizens. That’s the story. I wish it was something else.

So I got pissed off, this was in November.. and I had until the end of December to be gone. So I.. figured out that, yeah this is what I can do. I can buy a Honda 750 and put my wife and myself on the bike and drive down to Israel. Reasonable, but.. in November. I found a bike, good price, like 10 000 crowns or something. Something ridiculously for a 750, from a mechanic, in good condition, from leathers to helmets, you know, to everything. I bought it. I went up, it was in North Sweden. Quite a bit above Göteborg. More north than Stockholm. Up in the countryside. Anyways, a long ways. So the guy says: “Are you crazy?” I said: “I’m gonna drive it.” “You can’t drive it. It’s winter time here.” hahaha “There’s ice here.. and snow. Dangerous things.” “I’m gonna drive it.” “Yeah, ok. Come and get it.” Okay hahaha, so I go and get it. Okay, I’m thinking hmm, this is gonna be interesting hahaha. So I buy it, thank you very much. I start to drive, it’s a beautiful bike. Riding really good. I drive it out and vroooooOOOOM. Into the ditch. Ugh… Into the snow, you know. I had to jump out on the road and wave. Oh yeah, somebody stopped. “Ok yeah, come on and help me get this up.” It’s a heavy bike, Honda 750 is a big bike. So they helped me up, thanks, thanks, thanks. So again.. zzz I’m shaking, you know, cause I don’t want to dump the bike, man. I want the bike in one piece. VROOM! Ow! “Oh no… Hello hello!” Hahaha. Again, you know, second time. “Come, help me up. Thanks, thanks, thanks.” Finally I got to the main road. The main road wasn’t quite.. so icy. It was drivable. So I’m driving vroom. All of a sudden, it starts to snow… (Chilly noises) I’m getting like, “Oh noo, what do I do now.” So I pull off at a little intersection there, where they had some buildings and I go into one of these warehouse type of buildings and I said: “You know.. I just bought a bike and I have to get it down to Göteborg and I don’t know how I’m going to do that and it just started to snow outside.” and they said: “Hey, we got a trailer going to Göteborg, you can put it in the back of the trailer and ride with the driver.” “Well.. ok, how much are you going to charge me?” “Oh no charge. We’re just happy to get you down to Göteborg with your bike.” I said: “Thank you.” Put the bike up there, I sat with the driver. Vroom, all the way to Göteborg. Haha good, huh? Put off there. I got my wife and I packed up. Everything on the back. I get on the bike. Neeeaow thump. It falls over, it’s too heavy. We got so much shit on the back of the bike, it was so heavy it just pong! Okay, we can’t go today. We’ve got to take it all off and repack and downsize some and stuff, cause we’re too heavy. Finally, the next day we’re off. Vroom vroom vroooom. Ok, we’re going. It’s good…

This was in -89, late -89 maybe. And… we drive all the way down to Israel on the bike. With some beautiful nights. We had 7 out of 11 nights that we spent for free. As we’d see like a house that nobody was there, you know or some kind of an old structure, or maybe a park or a beach huts or… We found a lot of different places, where we could just take the bike. Hop hop hop and we’d go to sleep. Get up in the morning, get on the bike and vroom vroom. You know haha, not to pay for things. So we spent 7 out of 11 nights for free, going down. Very beautiful trip. Same thing happened in the Alps, when I was going over the Alps. It started to snow. “Oh noo..” hahaha. “Not snow, motorbikes and snow don’t go good together.” hahaha. So I had to pull off again. I had to think, ah okay.. So, I put the bike on a train and send it over the Alps, like that down to Marseille and I was just taking the train also and I had to wait there for it. We found a beach house we could stay on, it was the middle of the winter. Nobody was there. So we stayed there and it was very beautiful. We could build a fire outside. We were by the beach, it was just nice. It was just dirty inside that’s all, but who cares. We’d make it a little bit clean and put our bags there to sleep. So I was down at Marseille and I was waiting for my bike.. and I waited down there. It got to be over a week and it’s too long, you know. My bike should have been there, and every day I would go to the man at the counter and say: “Do you have my bike?” “Nope. Not arrived.” So after, I think 2 times of saying this to me. I said now.. I’m going to get angry with this man hahaha. So I go in and I.. I say: “Yeah, do you have my bike?” and he says: “Nope. Not come ye—“ I said: “Go and get my bike! I’m tired of waiting. Don’t play games with me. Now go and get it!” You know, I have to be playing the game sometimes, being very angry. I can be angry. So now he gets a little bit nervous.. “Oh yeah, it is here!” “Oh, good, good, good…” I don’t know what he was waiting for, money maybe or something. But don’t play games with me. Now I’m gonna get on my bike and were off vroooom. And before I left I bought a piece of good hashish, like 10 grams. Ok, vroooom. Around the French Riviera, going through tunnel, bridge, tunnel, bridge, tunnel, bridge. It’s like phow! You’re out in the air and the sunshine and the wind and then phoom you’re inside the tunnel again going vroom. On a bike, you know it’s really a.. phew. What an experience. You should try that sometimes. Just take a.. plan a.. Marseille all the way around, all the way into Italy, all the way around the Italian Riviera and then all the way down to the middle of Italy. Along that road, Riviera Highway. Beautiful, beautiful. And after this time we went down to Egypt together, my wife and I.

Down to Cairo.. took the.. the horse tour around the Pyramids. Then we went down… also in Cairo I was going around, I wanted to get some good smoke. Then I went into a jewellery store and I told the guy I wanted to smoke some and he said: “Yeah no problem. I’ll get you some.” Then we went upstairs and they had this big water pipe upstairs and they were working with gold and silver, to sell you know. They were silver makers and gold makers. And then they set us in the room, we smoked some with them and then they left us, to go downstairs. They left us sitting in this room.. for like… maybe.. as long as an hour or something, just alone. And there was a case in front of us with gold and silver and things on there. Nobody was around and we’re wondering where is this guy, you know, why doesn’t he come back, is he planning something. And finally he comes back and pff must have been almost an hour or so. “Oh hello hello, how are you, yeah fine? Ok, good that you could wait.” Well yeah we’re waiting, you know.. and he said: “Ok, come back here tomorrow and then we buy it and then you come to my house and we have something..” I said: “Ok. No problem.” So we come back the next day and.. we start to take a trip through Cairo and we’re walking through all these dark streets, up ’n down. People meeting and people seeing this and that. Trying to follow all the way along in the city.. in the city walking. And then this stupid guy says: “I am police! I am police! I am police!” I said: “Ok police, get us a taxi or something. Let’s go to your house now.” Hahaha. Then he got over that. I think he just said it to try to get to see us.. I don’t know what, but hahaha. So he tried to sell us these things and I said ok police get us a taxi. Then we finally got a taxi and we went to his house. So this guy invites us home and we decide, my wife and I. We decide, ok we’re gonna go. He buys a big square of.. blonde Lebanese hashish and he said: “Ok, I’ll split it with you. You take half, I take half.” Ok, and we split the price of it and things like that. It was really good. Best that I’ve ever tasted and I’ve smoked almost 40 years. Every country I go to, I smoke. That was absolutely the best one. So.. we get to his house. We’re sitting there and do introductions to his wife. Who is mostly there in the backroom, cooking some food and.. then all of a sudden the man comes in, and he sits on the bed and he starts to make loud noise. Waaah, waaah. Being loud and dramatic. “Oh my friend, my friend, what happened to you.” he said: “Yesterday somebody was left alone in my shop and they stole gold and they stole silver out of my case there.” He’s trying to make a false accusation. So I told him.. oh and we’ve smoked too. I said: “My friend, it is unfortunate for you that someone is stealing from you. I do not believe in stealing. I follow the Lord Jesus Christ and I keep the 8th commandment, that says ‘Thou shalt not steal’ I feel very bad for your loss.” After this he kinda got okay and he came back to Earth and we could talk. But he tried to but the scam on me, you know. A false accusation. Oh no, it doesn’t work, I’m sorry. I hold to the truth and the truth always delivers me. I didn’t steal nothing from him, nor did I intend to. Then we just.. the taxi driver came in and he smoked too blub, blub, blub and then he took us back to our hotel. So it was nice, it was ok time. Then we had some good stuff to go to Luxor with. Rent a motorbike, go watch the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Vrrooom, just to see that and then come back.

Then we went back to Israel and we got jobs in Tiberias as waiters, in a restaurant. Our salary was that.. we get to keep 90% of our tips… That was our salary, haha. That makes you totally dependant upon tips, there was no salary.. and what you get you only get 90% of it. Because 10% of it goes to the kitchen. But I always paid the kitchen 10% and I was always right, honest, truthful with them. That’s the way I’ve always gone through, the whole life. Ok I agree to something, this is what I’m gonna do. So I don’t have problems with people, not really. So anyway, one day I’m working and they come to me “Jacob, you believe in Christ?” Now this was about 1990, I think so. It had to be around then. I said: “Yes, I do.” “We want to know about Saddam Hussein and if he’s going to throw his missiles to Israel.” oh maybe I should explain one thing before going on. Now before this time, I told my wife: “They’re going to come and arrest me and throw me into jail.” I told her this in Tel Aviv when I was walking with her. “I need to send you away. You need to go to Copenhagen to wait on me there.” Because I want to live in Copenhagen, I don’t want to live in Norway. She said ok. We bought a ticket for her. I sent her off on an airplane to Copenhagen. She got a place with another man there.. and she is pregnant with my son, my first son. And… So, I’m in Israel working in Tiberias at the restaurant, right at the Sea of Galilee. I had my Honda 750 with me and… so they knew that I worshipped Christ and they came to me, I mean the people who worked at the restaurant, they said: “Jacob, do you think Saddam will throw his missiles to Israel?” and in a stern voice I said: “Yes he will send his missiles to Israel. Then you will know that Christ is God.” I was very determined about it, I was very forceful about it. And it happened, that he sent his missiles to Israel.. and they landed in the desert. Not harming anyone actually. But he sent missiles. That’s when they came.. 4 men, into the restaurant and they said: “Are you Jacob *****?” I said: “Yes.” “We want to ask you some questions.” ok yeah sure. I had to give my waiter book back and then I went and got in the car. There were 2 guys in the front and 2 guys on either side of me in the backseat. And the guy in the front turns around to me “We’re gonna fuck you in the ass boy! Where do you live?!” Just mean.. “You hate the Jewish people, huh?!” Cause Saddam Hussein sent his missiles to Israel, so they think I hate the Jewish people. I said: “No. I love the Jewish people. Don’t even think anything about these things. Because they’re my brothers and sisters.” Which is the truth, I tell the truth all the time. I love the Jewish people. So anyway.. they put me in the car and they ask me: “You smoke hash?” and.. maybe some people would be intimidated by this to lie or something, but I’m more intimated to tell falsities or lies. So I say: “Yes I do! But I haven’t gotten any, because no Palestinians will sell to me!” and then that didn’t set well with them either hahahah. So they took me to my old apartment, from which I had already moved from to another place. So I tell them, “Come on I’ll show you where my apartment is.” So we finally get there and they started tearing everything apart. Looking for hashish or something.. and I had a pipe on a tray, a round little gold tray from Egypt and I had a little hash pipe there. I didn’t have anything though, like I told them. I didn’t have anything, cause I couldn’t find anybody to sell to me. So anyway.. So I had that underneath a shirt in my cabinet. And they’re tearing everything up and they come up with a.. a bread knife, that I normally cut bread with and they reach around and they say: “What do you use this for?” and they put it to my throat hahaha. I said: “There is no blood on this knife.” After they realised that I’m not a young boy. You’re not gonna intimidate me. If you want to take my life, it’s here for you. You know, after they realised that I’m not some kind of lunatic. Then they treated me like normal “Ok, let’s go.” But they never turned over that shirt, they never looked at the hash pipe hahaha. Amazing, just amazing. Thank you God, Thank you God. God has delivered me in many ways, throughout the life.

Ok, so it’s off to jail. Now they throw me in the jail and they let me sit in this jail for 10 days, in Israel .. and they don’t talk to me. They just throw crazy people in the same cell as me and.. across at the other cell was a Palestinian guy, who they were holding for some reason, I don’t know why. I take a cigarette and I’d smoke it down. “Hey!” I’d shout to him and I’d throw it to him, he would light his cigarette and throw it back. Because they wouldn’t give you any matches, they wouldn’t give you a lighter hahah. They would give you all the cigarettes you want, but no light hahaha. You always had to ask the.. Shoter! Shoter! which is the guard to come and give you a light. So anyway.. they didn’t talk to me really. At the end of the 10 days, they took me to a.. a big prison. I mean where they held prisoners for a long time. Threw me into a room with about a hundred bunks in there and one bathroom that was probably 2×1 metres big with just one pipe coming down for shower, for a 120 guys.. I didn’t sleep much that night. I was uhh.. kinda like “Wow, what are you doing here?” Hahaha.. and the next morning they came and they got me out of this big penitentiary in the middle of the country and they threw me in the jail in Haifa. I’m sitting in the jail in Haifa and the guy they throw in the same cell as me. He was also carrying his bible and I said: “Wow! I’m surprised you got your bible with you!” So we were interchanging stories and I told him what I was doing and why I was there. He tells me that he was in there actually for running drugs across the border. Heroin and different bad things and he was caught smuggling. He was going to have a bad time in Israel prison. He said: “You’re here for a good reason, I’m here for a bad reason.” Because he knew that I had done nothing really wrong. They used the persecution of me under the auspices of visa violation. As I had only a 3 month visa and I was there for 7 months. So later that afternoon they told me: “Ok! Come on out now. You have to pay for your own ticket for the ferry going to Greece.” Oh yeah great, so they’re making me pay for my own ticket and they said: “Now we want storage for your motorbike.” And what they had done, because they had put it up on the police van, they had put a big gash in the tank. I said: “What are you talking about storage for my motorbike? You fix that motorbike first and then I’ll give you any kind of storage payment you want, but you fix that dent you put in my motorbike!” “Ok go, go, go!”

So they threw me and my motorbike on the ferry going to Greece. In the meantime when I was in the cell, because I had an American passport at this time, they called the American Embassy and they sent a woman to meet me. She was a heavy set black woman and I don’t have anything against black people, I love black people in fact. But anyway, she was talking about: “Ooh, you’ve had a problem here, in the jail. You have an American passport.” and I said: “Yes ma’am, but no offence, to you, personally.. but I really don’t like the United States and I don’t wanna ever go back to the United States. I think it’s very evil and it’s only worshipping money and it’s only worshipping some kind of idols.. and I don’t like this capitalistic type of exploitation going on. I don’t want to be a member of this country.” “Oh ok, ok, ok. Well, I’ll try to get you some soap and a toothbrush..” Cause they don’t give you any in the jail. Nothing. They only give you soft foods in there. I didn’t shit for 10 days, I thought I was going to die if I didn’t do something. So then this woman says: “Ok, I’ll try to get you something to read and some toiletries.” I said: “Yeah, ok.” But then she didn’t know what to do. So they didn’t do nothing. I didn’t get any toiletries at all. Nothing… I had tears in my eyes as I had to leave Israel. I will see you again someday. But then again I would have to ask God’s permission to see Israel.. again. Like I did before. But oh well, I can’t say that, because you know, every day I’m saying: “God, I am available. If you want me, use me. I’m here. I’m here only for you. I’m not here for my own self.” If he calls me I will go. Set a part, sanctified, means set a part for holy use. I think God has a plan for me at the end of this age. I’m just preparing for it all the time… by showing love and serving his creation. That’s how I’m preparing for it.

Then I went to Norway and my newborn son was there and I was a housefather in Norway for the first 5 years or so. So he was born, I was taking care of him and his mother was going to another city for work, some distance away. So she would spend the week there and I would take care of my son during the week. She would come home in the weekend and we would be together. It was a nice time for me. I love being a housefather, being with my kid everyday, doing different things. I like to kiss my son often (Kiss sound) I love you little boy. I love you sonny boy. So I just raised him and had a very nice time. It was ok raising him, but I didn’t like this city in Norway. It was too racist. The police there were always shaking foreigners down. Hard time in that city. 5 years.. I had to get out of there. So then I moved to Oslo. I lived there, working, on social help sometimes. I worked in 2 different hospitals as an orderly. Then it came time to be.. moving on… Much, much things happened in Norway. Then I moved to England and lived 3 months as a homeless man on the streets of London and then moving to Holland (Netherlands), living 4 months there. Riding my bicycle around and doing different jobs and stuff hahah. I’ve been to India in 2003, I went there for the first time and then 2014 again and now I’m here again. I’ve been traveling now for a year and half or so. I’m very happy traveling and every day, thank you God for my health, thank you God for my mental health, my physical health. Thank you God I’m able to move around. Every day I want to thank God and praise his holy name for his blessings that he gives me. That’s where I am at, it brings me up to the present time. Thank you God I am able to share my love with other people and serve them. To be like this way and do the best I can for people. You know, if there is anything I can do for people, I will. But.. you know.. there always has to be limits in some place. Limits, you know.

I would call my religion… 6 letters. I will give you my card. As you see on the bottom of the card there’s Brothers and Sisters. My Brothers and Sisters are whats called Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Jesus and we also follow him and all his ways. So.. I follow also in the same way that these people follow. If you find out how they follow, you will know that I do the same. So that’s the church.. ucg.org, that’s their website.

So in total I lived in Norway for 24 years. But in the meantime as I said I went to England, I was homeless on the street there. Selling the big issue, homeless magazine. Going traveling around London and Cambridge and different places like that. Staying on the street the whole day.. “Excuse me, help the homeless! Excuse me sir, help the homeless today!” and I’d go and sleep behind this one hotel. On the pavement, where the cars were parked. There was a lot of exhaust from cars and I was coughing a lot.. But I never had a problem with alcohol in my life, so.. it’s never gone to the point where I’m totally destroying my body. I knew where to get food, where to get free food, I knew where to get free showers, I knew where to get free clothes, I knew where to get all these things, that I needed. I just lived rough. It was a good experience.

In Holland (Netherlands) I worked for a temporary employment agency. I had 4 different jobs there. But I always had work. I always had work.. they gave me work doing this and work doing that. This and that. So I enjoyed that time also. It was an experience. But I missed my son. So I wanted go to back to him. And my second son was born. In -98 I was blessed with a son. From a different woman than my wife before.. unfortunately. Yes.. I think it is very unfortunate. I believe in the way of marriage is to be married one time and to be forever together. That’s my idea of marriage.. and when it doesn’t turn out this way it’s a tragedy… Because it’s what God intended it to be. Marriage for me is a very sacred relationship. But anyway..

When my second son was born I was in Oslo, working different jobs and… that’s when I started to work as an orderly. So I worked there for 6 years and then I got very sick of it and I had to quit. Because I got tired of routine, tired of low pay, tired of this and tired of that. So I quit there and thats when I went to India for the 1st time in 2003.

I was there for 5 and a half months. I arrived in Delhi and I took the train right down to Goa. I bought a Bullet, a 350 Bullet, bike. Then I started traveling and I took the Bullet all the way down to Kerala and around there. Then I decided I want to go to the north, so I took my bike and I put it on the train and I shipped it all the way to Delhi and when I got it there, it was wrecked of course. I got some mad and I was standing outside the train station “They wrecked my motorbiiiike! They wrecked iiit!” hahahah. Indians would start to gather around me hahaha. Like I was a crazy man, but I wasn’t a crazy man. Anyway, so.. then I took it up to Manali, and around Parvati Valley and drove up through there and then I think I sold it in Manali before I came back. Had a nice ride on that Bullet, it was nice. Riding through the Himalayan Mountains with snow on the both sides of you, waaay high piles and just a clean, dry road in between. It was just amazing.. amazing. And I love driving, you know, I’ve been driving all my life. All my life… I’m a very good driver. I just spent 9 months in Vietnam driving a scooter around and that’s pretty crazy too. So, after my time in India I went back to Norway.

I got a job at another hospital, doing the same thing. I worked for 6 years again and this time they fired me, and for no good reason and I took them to court and they gave me a small settlement. That’s what I’m doing here now. I can live off this small settlement that they gave to me, for firing me for no good reason. So that’s what I’m doing here. I’m really enjoying my time with traveling, I would like to be a life long traveler. As I said about my home.. the world is my home. But anyway.. so I’m in Norway working. And when my older son was 14, I think, 14 or 15. He had problems at his home where he was at, with his stepfather. So he came to live with me. So I was fortunate to have him live with me until he was 18. So it was good to have him for those years. So I got the settlement money and I was able to come to India.

I came to India for the 2nd time in 2014… I was here and bought a Royal Enfield Thunderbird, this time. Not a Bullet. Thunderbird. I drove around here for 5 and a half months on it and the day before I left I sold it. Actually on the day I was leaving I was still driving it. Then I sold the bike and from here I went to Thailand. I traveled there for about a month and headed north to.. Chiang Mai and Pai. Then I went over to Laos and was in Laos for about a month. I was just traveling there, finding out whats there and going out to see waterfalls and stuff like that. Then I fell down and really hurt my back, really really bad. In Laos. I hurt my toe.. driving into a post. They had a post on there and I drove there POING! It turned purple and I was really in pain.. and I just fell down on my back SMACK, because I stepped on a stick and the stick went up in the air and I came down on a rock, bam. Really, bad condition. So I went to they call it.. what do they call it.. 4000 islands or something like that. But I don’t really think it’s 4000 islands, in Laos. On the Mekong river there.. So I went down to Don Det and I was there 2 weeks, just for rest and recuperation. But I swam in the Mekong river every day. Swimming every day, really hard haha. And then I… then I went from there.. I went down to Cambodia, to Phnom Penh and then I went to Siem Reap. I went… I took a boat from Siem Reap down on the Mekong river. Down all the way to a different city, but I forgot the name of it. And… then… after that I went down to a few other places and I went to Koh Rong, the islands outside of Cambodia and I was there for some time, a week or something. When you get by fairly cheap and you like a place, I say: “Ok, I’ll stay here.” The worlds my home haha, so wherever I’m comfortable and if it’s cheap. Ok I’ll stay here. So I was out there and then I came back and I went to Kampot in Cambodia. Which I liked a lot, it was a nice little village. You could go into a little store there and he says: “Do you want marijuana or coffee?” and I said: “Ok, give me some marijuana.” and he gives me a really big bag and good stuff and no problems. So then I went from there, I went into Vietnam and I was in Saigon for 1 month, which I didn’t like at all. It was just terrible. I could not find work at all. I need to find work, because my money is going down. Then I decided to go to Da Nang, after 1 month. I went to Da Nang and I stayed in Da Nang for 8 months. I was teaching English. Teaching little kids English as tutoring work. Paying me 15 dollars every hour that I worked. Which is good money. I worked 8 hours a week and could support myself at the end of the month. I could pay my scooter rental, I could pay my food, I could pay my rent for my room, I could pay for everything. On just the amount of money I was earning, 8 hours a week. Tutoring. It was ok for me. Good money, good times. I loved the kids, oh. I miss them. I miss them… Even today I miss them. After spending so many months with them studying. I enjoy teaching. I want to get this certificate. So I can teach English as a foreign language. So anyway.. I taught them for that time and I left Vietnam after 9 months, 2 visa extensions on that… Then I went to Hanoi for 1 week, to wait on my visa and I came here 2 weeks ago.

I love everything about India, you know. The food is one of all… I did not like Vietnam, because of the food they served me… And I did not like the language difficulty in Vietnam, it’s very difficult. It’s just almost impossible to live there. Really.. and it’s really a pity. But of course you mix the good with the bad! The good part is, I could ride my scooter around! Nice tropical weather! I could go in the sea everyday and swim my 40 minutes around. Chopping waves, like that! I could feel good and go eat my tuna fish meals. Big tuna fish, fresh meals. So good things and bad things. Seeing the kids! It’s fun, you know. Some fun. But a lot of bad. So now I have only a 3 month visa in India. I plan to go to the Himalaya Mountains and do some trekking. Because I have not done that before and I thought that would be a nice thing to do. But as I say on everything: “God! If it’s your will. Let me go to the Himalayas and do some trekking. If not let me know God, what your will is for my life.” That’s what I say. Everytime, God, let your will be done, not my own. I can only make so many plans and haha.. I can only make so many plans and if it’s his will then let it be done, let it be done! If not, I’ll do that haha.



I would have to say… probably.. what I love most, is sharing my faith. Sharing my faith with others through stories.. and serving others and showing love to others. If I can do that, thank you God. I am happy to show love. No matter what kind of religion you have, no matter what kind… you’re a human. You are made in God’s image. I’m here to serve you and show you love. Let me do that. But if people don’t want, ok. Let me show love in that way, I go away. You know hahaha, whatever you want.



If you consider happiness to be the get-all, be-all of life. It’s the wrong goal. It’s better for a person to strive after peace in life. It’s better to strive after.. living a Godly life, if you want to ask me personally. In following the commandments of God. Concern yourself with these things and not frivolous type of superficial things that mean nothing. Concern your life with more.. substantial things in life. Don’t be scared to confront your own self. And find out who you are. Explore who you are… and find God, I would hope so. I would hope so..

I do nothing to these people. I’m not leading you anywhere, I’m not taking you anywhere, I’m not praying for you. I’m not doing anything for you. You have to do it all for yourself. That’s what I’m trying to… when I’m speaking with people. We may never ever meet again, but it’s up to you what you do with your own life, you know.. and I can suggest to you this and it’s up to you if you choose to do it or not. It matters not to me. What you do after this time is your business and I’m happy for you and I hope you have a good life and I don’t wish anything bad for you.

Additional conversation in the end:
I think.. actually. My story will be told someday. But it will be told in a fashion.. even in more details. When, I start to play my role in the end of this age, like God promised me. When I was 21 years, 40 years ago. I’ve been waiting for 40 years on this promise to be fulfilled. When this time comes, obviously I’ll be on a World stage saying some things that God will have me say. You know being like God’s puppet, but I’m happy for that. So then people will want to know my story. My story will be told, so I am never so interested in recording everything as it happens, you know, picture, picture, record this. God has record of it. I’m gonna live an eternity with him at the time that I step into eternal life, there will be a total recollection of everything that I did in my life. So if there’s a lesson to be learned or something that could be shared to edify another person. Let me share this with you then, because we are here to edify, to bring each other up a little ways. Not to put each other down. This is Satan’s world we are living in. This is an ugly world. We are here to put each other down, all this competition. All these ugly things you see every day. It’s not the way of God. This is not God’s worth. This is Satan’s Earth… In my way of view of things of course, you know. I want to draw the line here, you know, there’s got to be a line drawn here between my belief. I’m not telling you that this is that or this is that. This is just the way I see things. I’m very saddened by it, by many developments I see in the world.

What I do here in India, people ask me. I share my faith with people and stories like this.. and try and help them to gain a better understanding of life. I went up to pray to God on top.. up on this hill with this big Hindu temple. I went there because it’s dark and it’s quiet and I could look into the heavens and pray to God.. and I see a girl walking there also, so I’m a sociable type of guy, so I said: “Hello, how are you?” Then we started to talk and we talked for maybe 2 hours. She also said: “You know, I came to India exactly for this reason. To meet somebody with understanding.. with comprehension about the world and maybe truth about the world.” And she is very grateful for our conversation. It was just.. I don’t do anything special, you know haha.

I can love myself, if I show love to others. Cause there’s too much, smile! Click, click. Too much of that, vanity in the world. I don’t like that, I think it’s a very bad thing.. and I take a stand against it. That’s something I do in life that probably sets me apart more than anyone else. If I see something I don’t like, I say so. I don’t beat around the bush. I know if I like it or if I don’t like it.. and I don’t like these mobile phones, because they’re abused every day.. and I see the abuse of them and I speak against it. I don’t like selfies, that’s vanity. What are you doing? Why do you need to look at yourself all the time? Somethings wrong there, you know, you’re a little bit too insecure. You need to get some more security in your life. You don’t have to get this click, click all the time. You know.. Anyway, I just react strongly.. in a polite way, I’m not angry, but I just voice my opinion and they hear it. I can’t change the world, but one little change at a time can cause a ripple effect, you know.

I was reading today.. in my Holy Bible. About parables that Jesus told, in the Holy Bible.. and I read one about the seeds. Some scattered on the side of the road and the birds immediately came and ate them all.. And some seeds fell among the stony ground, but because there was shallow earth there, they grew up and the sun came out and they wilted and went back to the Earth. Some seeds fell among the thorny bushes, and they grew up and the thorns came and choked them out.. and they went back to the soil. And then some seed fell on good earth and produced a hundred fold, or sixty fold, or thirty fold… That was the parable Jesus told about the Kingdom of God… The meaning is that the seeds are representative of the Kingdom of God and God’s Holy Spirit. They fall on some people and immediately Satan, the devil comes and plucks the spirit away from them and they do not follow God. The seeds falling on stony ground, they, receive the word of God with enjoyment, but after the Sun comes out, after persecution starts a little bit, then they fall away from it, because they do not have any earth underneath them to hold them. The seeds that fall in the thorns, they are receiving the word of God with joy and they start to grow up and they’re strong and then the cares of this world and the lust of the flesh and the lust of money come and choke the word of God.. and they go back to the earth. And then some seeds fall, the Kingdom of God, on people, on good people and they produce one hundred fold, or sixty fold or thirty fold and that’s the way the Kingdom of God works on the Earth… It takes a lot of courage, it takes a lot of faith, it takes a lot of.. you really got to give 100% of yourself, otherwise it’s not gonna work.. and most people are not willing to give up 100% of themselves. I’ve heard more than one person say: “Ah, I like telling myself what to do.” I was working in Norway, in Oslo and I.. I don’t hide my belief about my faith in God from anyone, so.. I was discussing my faith. One man reaches into his pocket and he’s angry. He pulls out a stack of money and says: “This is what I worship! This is my God, right here!” I said: “Ok. You have your God. I have my God.” There’s two different God’s, but he worships this, money. At least I gave him credit for being honest. Not many people would admit that they’re suffering by lust of this money. So I find it amazing that.. some people know that they’re led by this God of money. And in the United States, they really worship the God of money. It’s very very sad for me to see and I don’t ever want to be a part their nation and I don’t ever want to go back. They insulted me so much with this love of money all the time, that I don’t want to go back. Even now as my mother is dying of cancer, I don’t want to go back. It’s all big money politics, super PAC’s now and they can give as much money as they want to any candidate they want. I mean that’s all that it’s about, getting your name out there, getting your lies out there, having people accept your lies. Then you’re a good politician and you go along with the crowd. Then it is the rich people, that we worship them. The poor people, we don’t care about them, we don’t care if they die. That’s what it’s basically telling me.