Living his dream

Age: 28
Born: Rajasthan, India
Lives Now: Goa, India

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February 2016
India, Goa

I was born in Rajasthan and I live there, but I come here to Goa for every season. First time I come here to Goa was 4 years ago and I stay here for 6 months for the season. I get all these leathers from Rajasthan. I do this with my small family, all we make by ourselves. We are farmers also and we make these things also. In raining season we grow crops there, a lot of different crops and Goa season we make these things and I come here to sell them. I’m here from September to April, I come here every season, do business then go back home. Sometimes good business, sometimes no business, it’s business, hahah, business is business.

In my family, we are 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Both of my sister are now married and I also got married and my brother as well. I have 1 daughter and she’s 2 years old. My father and mother live with us.

After the season finishes in Goa, then I take rest for a few months, then I have more.. uhh.. raining season finished, then we grow a lot of things, in a small field we grow a lot of things.

I love India. Beautiful India, good respect, good culture. When the people come from another country, we have good respect for them. Customer like a God. I give good respect also for my business. When you respect people, then you feel good and you love them. This is the most important thing. If I have bad word for the customer, then not possible business. If I speak good, sweet, then it’s possible, everything. If I am crazy, then nothing. Crazy is crazy, you know hahaha.

My sister has been here before me. She came here. She made business here, she got good business here and she told me: “I am busy there in Rajasthan, so if you want to make business, you can take this business.” So I took this business and it’s a success now. It’s my 4th season here and it’s good business, but this season is a little bit.. Not good season, not good business, not good money. It is normal, maybe I will make next season good business. It is normal, because here a lot of tourist come, they have money but use it only for food, for rent, for enjoy, but not for shopping. I hope it will be good, maybe soon.

I love my work also, I am happy with my family and this job. I like. Because without work, is nothing, if we have work then is good. But some people don’t like their work. You know, different people, different thinking, different choice.

We have here fun also, but business also. Both happen. In Goa people come for enjoy, you know… Freedom. If here people come for freedom and enjoy, they will like shopping also so we make good business also sometimes. Both are possible, fun and business.

First time it is my dream, you know first time when I was in Goa. First time I came, then I feel wow… because my dream is now real. That is the first time I thought wow, this is really very beautiful. Before I just dreamed about the Goa, when will I go Goa, when will I see this. You know in India, Goa is the most beautiful tourist paradise. You know for the picnic… for the holidays. So it is my dream.. it is real now. Before I just thought when I was in school, I thought about the Goa, how is the scenery, how is the people, how is like tourist come there, how they live there, like this. Now I’ve seen it real. And now I’m doing it here, you see. My dream is now real hahaha. This is the most important memory. Before just.. when I was in childhood, I just thought: “Woaah how is the Goa, how people go there, how they live there” Like this. And now my dream is real, you see. What I thought and now I’m doing here in Goa.




I just love my work. It is my hobby haha. But sometimes fun with friends. Sometimes we go party, you know dance.



I can’t explain it. We have good life, god give you have good life. You be happy. At peace. You can enjoy here, you know. Not too much thing, like… like I cannot explain. It is unexplainable, you just feel it.